Tooth Filling North Attleborough Massachusetts

Cavity treatment in North Attleborough Massachusetts

Tooth filling North Attleborough Massachusetts

Tooth filling North Attleborough Massachusetts

If you have a pain in your tooth when you eat something sweet, or actually see a pit in your tooth, you will want to visit our dental practice, Advanced Dental Care. In either of these situations you may well have a dental cavity. At our dental practice, patients can have a tooth filling North Attleborough Massachusetts by our top-notch dentist, Dr. Arkady Naiman.

When you need cavity treatment, it means that dental decay needs to be removed from your tooth and you need to be supplied with a tooth filling North Attleborough Massachusetts. At our office, we are happy to offer two different types of dental fillings. We offer the traditional silver amalgam fillings which are extremely effective for filling large cavities, and cavities that develop on the flat chewing surfaces of molars. When you have a cavity in this area, the filling must be extremely strong so that it can withstand the vigorous chewing forces that the molars experience. If you have a cavity that is on a front tooth that shows when you speak or smile, a tooth-colored composite filling may be more desirable. These fillings are aesthetically pleasing because they do not even show once they are properly installed. Our dentist will make sure that the filling material perfectly color-matches the tooth to which it is being applied. Our dentist will let you know which type of filling material should be used once he is had a chance to assess your cavity situation. The type of filling material recommended generally depends on the size and location of the cavity. Silver amalgam fillings are extremely strong, but tooth-colored fillings are much more attractive and can actually strengthen the tooth. This is because when tooth-colored fillings are applied, they are actually bonded to the tooth. This process takes a bit longer, so they can be more expensive to receive. You will want to check with your dental insurance company before treatment.

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