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If you are experiencing snoring loud enough to disturb another in your room, or even in your house, it is definitely time to visit your North Attleborough sleeping disorder dentist at Advanced Dental Care. Snoring is a very common problem, and can actually be relatively harmless. However, loud habitual snoring can be an indication of a serious health problem such as sleep apnea. A visit to Advanced Dental Care can help you with this potentially serious problem.

Your North Attleborough sleeping disorder dentist, at Advanced Dental Care, will explain that snoring occurs in the upper airway as you breathe in air. The snoring sound shows that your airway is partially blocked. This blockage is usually caused by the soft tissue in your throat. As you breathe the air causes the tissue to vibrate and the vibration sound exits out of your nose and/or mouth. There are several ways to know if you are snoring. Sometimes you are sweetly, or not so sweetly given this information by your sleep-deprived partner. Other ways you may know that you are snoring is that you actually wake yourself up, or you consistently wake up in the morning with a dry mouth or sore throat. It is interesting to know that snoring occurs in men, women and even children. It also is known to run in families. However, if you snore loudly you may have a form of sleep apnea. In sleep apnea, the tissue in the upper airway completely blocks the airway; this causes you to temporarily stop breathing. This blockage keeps oxygen for reaching your heart and brain. In extreme cases it will cause you to temporarily wake up. Additionally if you have sleep apnea you may make choking or snorting sounds in your sleep, or feel tired during the day. Sleep apnea can be diagnosed at a sleep center or by a board certified sleep physician.

While doctors can operate in severe cases of sleep apnea, there are other treatments that can be provided by your North Attleborough sleeping disorder dentist at Advanced Dental Care. We can provide an oral appliance that is specially designed and fitted to keep an open, unobstructed airway in the throat. It is only worn during sleep. We find that custom fitted oral appliances are effective. Those that can be purchased over-the-counter at a local drugstore are not recommended. In many people, weight loss may also help lessen the snoring as the amount of tissue is decreased, thus resulting in less or no airway blockage. If you think you may suffer from sleep apnea, come visit our dentist at Advanced Dental Care. It may prove to be a critical step in safeguarding your health.

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