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North Attleborough Sleep Apnea Treatment

North Attleborough Sleep Apnea Treatment

From crowns and bridges and periodontal therapy to North Attleborough sleep apnea treatment, we at Advanced Dental Care have a range of treatment options available for all kinds of patient needs. Many people suffer from sleep apnea, but they don’t even know it. In fact, more than three million people per year are diagnosed with this ailment, according to The Mayo Clinic. Most of the patients we see for North Attleborough sleep apnea treatment are over age 40. However, it is possible for young adults and even children to have this condition – and to be treated for it by Advanced Dental Care – as well.

There are quite a few symptoms that can point to sleep apnea, although many of them are confusing because they could signify a different kind of issue, too. Some common symptoms are loud snoring, feeling very tired despite sleeping all night, headaches, and to find yourself falling asleep easily and frequently throughout the day. The most common sign of apnea, though, is irregular breathing during sleep. This breathing could be louder, more shallow and/or can come through the mouth instead of the nose. Often, patients who come into Advanced Dental Care with apnea-related issues weren’t aware of the issue until a wife or partner sleeping in the same room alerted them to their irregular breathing patterns.

As Apnea is a chronic condition, it typically will not go away without treatment. Luckily, treatment is painless and there are a few different avenues patients can take to remedy the situation. For mild to moderate cases of apnea, many patients of Advanced Dental Care see improvements just from physical exercise and weight loss. In other cases, we may prescribe the most common North Attleborough sleep apnea treatment, a CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device. This is worn over the nose and/or mouth and can treat sleep apnea effectively for most patients.

If you need North Attleborough sleep apnea treatment Advanced Dental Care offers a non-invasive solution. We are open six days a week, so call or email us today to set up your next examination.

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