Mansfield Teeth Cleaning

Dental cleanings versus periodontal cleanings in Mansfield

Mansfield teeth cleaning

Mansfield teeth cleaning

If you want to have healthy teeth, it is very important that you have healthy gums. This is because if you develop gum disease, your teeth may begin to loosen and even fall out. So, it is truly impossible to have healthy teeth if your gums are not healthy as well. In order to keep from developing gum disease, you want to have a Mansfield teeth cleaning on a periodic basis.

At our dental practice, Advanced Dental Care, patients are able to get a wide variety of dental care provided by our expert and highly trained dentist, Dr. Arkady Naiman. Dr. Naiman has over 30 years’ experience of providing patients with exemplary dental care. At our dental practice our dentist specializes in crowns and bridges, implant dentistry and oral surgery. If you want to make sure that you are not likely to need teeth replacements, you will want to make sure that you have a Mansfield teeth cleaning every six months. During a teeth cleaning, all plaque, tarter, and bacteria are removed from your teeth. When tarter is allowed to stay on your teeth for even a short period of time, it will encourage the development of deep pockets to form between your teeth and gums. When these deep pockets form, tarter, plaque, bacteria, and food debris will all begin to gather in the pockets and infection will develop. Even with the best at-home teeth cleaning routine, some plaque will always be left behind. This plaque will turn into tarter in a very short period of time. Tarter can only be removed by professional dental cleaning instruments. So, in order to keep from developing gum disease, make sure you have a Mansfield teeth cleaning every six month.

If it is determined that you have gum disease, it will mean that deep pockets have formed between your teeth and gums and debris is beginning to accumulate. At this point, you will need to a periodontal cleaning which is called a scaling and planing treatment. This type of cleaning is like a deep cleaning for your gums. It will remove all the debris and any infection from the deep pockets that have formed between your teeth and gums. Hopefully this treatment will help your gums to get back on the road to good health. You may need to have a repeated scaling and root planing treatment, or you may even be encouraged to have additional treatments on a periodic basis, more as a preventive measure. For an appointment to see our dentist regarding Mansfield teeth cleaning, contact us today.

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