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Foxboro Root Canal

Root canal therapy in Foxboro

Foxboro root canal

Foxboro root canal

If you are looking for a dental practice where you can receive excellent dental care, including root canal therapy, visit us at Advanced Dental Care. If you have a tooth that has damaged or infected pulp, you will need to have a Foxboro root canal treatment; this can be expertly provided by our top-notch dentist, Dr. Arkady Naiman.

If you have a tooth that becomes painful when you eat something that is hot or cold, or that is painful when pressure is applied to it, you probably have a tooth that has pulp in its center which is either infected or damaged. If this is the case, the only way the tooth can be saved is by having a Foxboro root canal at our office. If you are suffering with tooth pain, you should make an appointment to immediately come in to see our dentist so that he can determine the exact reason for this problem. Tooth pain can be caused by several different things, and our dentist will be able to definitively assess your individual situation and let you know what type of treatment is needed. If you do need to have a root canal treatment in order to save the tooth, the sooner it is performed the better. This is why you should always make an appointment to see our dentist at the earliest sign of tooth pain. After assessing your situation, our dentist will let you know if you will need to have a root canal treatment, and if so, whether it can be performed in one or two office visits. Root canal treatments are effective in saving teeth in over 90% of cases. Additionally, patients at our office are able to have a root canal treatment while they remain perfectly comfortable due to our use of modern local anesthetics.

For an appointment to meet with our dentist so that he can examine your painful tooth and see if you need a Foxboro root canal, contact us today.

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