General Dentist in Mansfield

General Dentist in Mansfield

There are many different causes for a toothache and oral pain but the bottom line is, that uncomfortable, seemingly endless throbbing can ruin a day and make it near impossible to concentrate or accomplish what we need to. Persistent mouth pain makes us unable to be as productive as we need to be so the sooner we get to the root of the toothache, so to speak, the better. Our dedicated Mansfield general dentist at Advanced Dental Care, wants to find out as soon as possible exactly what’s causing your pain and come up with the best possible way to treat it.

Mansfield Dental office

Mansfield Dental office

In most cases, toothaches are caused by a problem in the tooth itself. Gum disease, a cavity, a chipped or broken tooth, sore, red, or bleeding gums, or even TMJ are common issues that might prompt oral pain. If you are experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold food or beverages, or are having particular issues chewing or biting down, these are signs that you need to see our dentist. The only way to find out for sure what is causing the toothache is a thorough exam with our Mansfield general dentist. Even if the pain goes away, the toothache is a definite sign that there’s something that needs immediate attention. Early detection is the best rule involving most health issues and with a toothache, you want to catch something that might have even felt minor before it turns into something major. Some oral problems are also only treatable when dealt with early so best to make the time when you feel something is wrong.

Once you have your appointment with our Mansfield general dentist, you can rest assured that our well-educated staff will be able to prevent your toothache from turning into something worse. While at home, however, there are a few things you can do until you’re seen by our dental professional. Initially, avoid those extremely hot or cold foods and beverages to avoid making the pain worse. Taking some over-the-counter pain medications, such as Advil or Tylenol, can help as well and just follow the package directions until you get to see our dentist. There isn’t much more you can do at home except rest. Taking a break from your daily activities and not provoking the toothache pain is the best thing you can do until the specialists at Advanced Dental Care can find out what’s causing your pain and alleviate it.

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