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Advanced Dental Care is your go-to Foxboro family dentist. We are a full service family dental office dedicated to providing our patients of all ages with the very best in oral health care. For more than a decade we have been treating families in our community. When you visit us, our expert and dedicated staff will make sure that you and your family and happy and well cared for. We want your visits to be anxiety free, and so we have taken great care to make sure our office is a place that is warm and free of stress free. Whether you are coming in for a dental exam or a dental implant, you are in good hands with Advanced Dental Care.

Oral Cancer Screenings Foxboro

Oral Cancer Screenings Foxboro

When you come to Advanced Dental Care for a dental exam you will be given a periodontal evaluation, oral cancer screening, bite evaluation, and cavity detection. All of these tests are designed to make sure you have strong healthy teeth. A periodontal examination is to test the health of the gums. In a periodontal exam we will gauge the gum health by measuring the depth of the pockets that surround the teeth using a probing instrument. This is an important test to check for gum disease, the earlier we catch gum disease the better we can treat it and halt the damage done to the teeth and gums. The oral cancer screening is important for the same reason as the periodontal exam, catching the disease early. During this portion of the oral exam, our Foxboro family dentist will look on the inside of the mouth for red or white patches or mouth sores. Using gloves, the inside of your mouth is also felt for lumps or other abnormalities.

Bite evaluation tells us whether or not a patient’s teeth fit together properly. It can tell us if young teeth are growing in properly, or if a patient needs orthodontic treatment. A “bad bite” can put unnecessary wear on the teeth cause jaw problems, and even migraine headaches. If you experience pain when chewing, chances are your teeth don’t fit together properly.

Make an appointment to see us today. At Advanced Dental Care, your go-to Foxboro family dentist, we will make sure that the teeth of your and your family and healthy and strong.

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