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Are you nervous about the care you need for the disease which is currently ravaging your smile? Over 90% of Americans are currently living today with gum disease, and many of them are not even aware they are currently living with an oral health problem that can cause loss of gum lines, teeth, and even the bone of your jaws without proper care. If you are concerned about the care you need for your case of gum disease, the latest advances in oral health care may hold the answer you are looking for. To achieve the most advanced yet gentle care possible for your smile, be sure to visit your local Foxboro dentist at Advanced Dental Care, and ask how a LANAP laser treatment can give you back your healthy smile.

Laser Periodontics Foxboro

Laser Periodontics Foxboro

LANAP stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, a laser powered oral health technology that is truly changing the way we practice dentistry at your professional Foxboro dentist. In the past, treatment for gum disease could become both invasive and painful for the patient, due to the need to often painfully reattach gums, or provide thorough cleanings with drills deep into the crevices between teeth and gum lines in order to provide effective care. Thanks to the LANAP unique technology, your doctor is able to remove only the bacteria that exist within the pockets of your gums that grow with gum disease, while leaving your healthy tissues in place, which will then reattach to the surface of your tooth roots. This allows patients to enjoy a more comfortable procedure that also provides far superior results over traditional gum disease treatment.

LANAP is the only laser dental procedure that has been cleared by the FDA, and exists as the highest standard of gum disease treatment worldwide. This is because LANAP actually works to regenerate healthy gum lines, allowing teeth which would have otherwise been lost to be saved entirely. LANAP laser dentistry does so with bio regeneration, which not only allows patients to enjoy their mouths healing in a healthy and natural way, but as no stitches or incisions are needed, patients can actually begin to use their teeth as they always would within the very same day. With LANAP, our Foxboro dentist’s patients can experience faster healing, and far fewer issues with over sensitivity, as no drills or other often painful tools are needed.

For the very best in gum disease care, don’t settle for less than LANAP laser treatments from your trusted Foxboro dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at Advanced Dental Care utilize this cutting edge technology in order to provide our patients with care that is truly the most effective, and the most comfortable. For a healthy smile in the gentlest manner possible, visit Advanced Dental Care for LANAP treatments that can save your smile from harm.

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