Attleboro Invisalign Dentist

Attleboro Invisalign Dentist

At Advanced Dental Care, the comfort and care of our patients is our first priority. Our Attleboro dentists combine today’s newest dental technologies with exceptional clinic skill and patient care to restore a healthy and natural-looking smile to any patient. With that improved smile, through traditional orthodontic treatment or Invisalign, often comes a newfound confidence and zest for life! That is our hope for all our patients, that their Attleboro cosmetic dentistry at Advanced Dental Care will result in a renewed self-esteem.

Invisalign is a new orthodontic treatment system used by the cosmetic dentists at Advanced Dental Care in Attleboro, Massachusetts. This system straightens your teeth through the use of clear plastic molds. These invisible braces eliminate the metallic smile that is normally characteristics of orthodontics. Virtually invisible, Invisalign gradually reposition your teeth into the straighter and more attractive smile you’ve always wanted. Our Attleboro Orthodontist, Dr. Arkady Naiman highly recommends Invisalign.

Invisalign is a convenient alternative to traditional metal orthodontics with many advantages and few disadvantages. The entire Invisalign system was developed to create much-needed aesthetics to the field of orthodontics. Invisalign also allowed its wearers to brush and floss as normal. Additionally, there are no food and drink limitations. One main disadvantage to Invisalign is that some people with sensitive teeth and gums may feel some discomfort when they switch to a new retainer.

Learn more about Invisalign clear braces and visit Advanced Dental Care in Attleboro to see if Invisalign can help you achieve your perfect smile without painful braces.

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